Albeit Social Convention

The idea of this blog is to prove that I have organizational skills and excellent word structure.

In these accomplishments I only find myself asking why I never get hired on into work. At this point, thus far, I’ve given up. I mention this, not for the personal record, but for your records, as well.
I used to at least apply to places, keep a resume, and call back, but now, I find myself underconfident, and without advice or direction. I’d like some help to find a suitable job.
I don’t have a car so job resource centers don’t do me any good. They have always sent me out of town. I don’t have a car because of my fear of highways, and my annoying mental response delay that comes with the great scizho-affective medication I am on.
Perhaps I am blaming the medication when really, I’m just naturally a little slow in cognitive function output.
I can sit down and write for hours a day, sometimes for days, yet I can not do things like ride a bicycle in a big city, or consistently manage myself to have a flowing conversation with most others at any given point. (IN TIME)
This is because I often find myself without commentary when people speak because I am obsessed with observing, rather than making an action. I do this because it helps me maintain my memory, specifically, in patterns, art, and memory span.
However, when I sit in silence in a group, I often feel the responsibility of contribution leaning to my prevail in a pursuit of endurance to jump back in line with entertainment, albiet social convention.