Attack of the Gulls

Man the squirrel cannons! We’ve got to get this here booty to bomb-bay for the Prince’s Ceremony! These barrels of salty seabird chunks aren’t going to pay us themselves.

My God! It’s a flock of seagulls!

What is the matter, Cap-e-ton?

Either those Gulls know we have dead birds aboard or they are hungry: savages perhaps.
Not like the likes of pirates. That much is truth to be told.

Shut up, you idiot! They’ll hear us!

Sir, Golly, Sir! Gee-whiz and a bucket of fries! We must tell the crew of this so we may prepare for battle!….Sir!

Be that, the thing we must do, we must kill one or two!

We must unleash the squirrel cannons!

Private! Tell the men to load the nuts into the barrels!

…the squirrels are sure to do the rest….oh, but of course, matey!

Yes, Sir?!

Private! Have the men load the nuts into the barrels, have them wait until the squirrels are packed in real tight like and then they MUST light the fuse!

Oh, of course, of course, SIR!