Digging Up the Past 1

Minutes go by. They turn into hours. He’s sitting alone, as he often does. Then…ring….ring….it’s the telephone. “Hey man you want to hang out?” excitingly he replies with a yes. “I’m sorry. Wrong number.”….click there he is. all alone. here I am, writing this poem.


If I can’t sleep in real life, I might as well take a virtual nap 🙂


Dude this night time med is crazy. Haha, I seem to be having a problem with balance when I take it, but it hasn’t put me to sleep yet so I’m just chilling. what are you guys up to?


“No matter the force, the intrusion, the reclamation of destruction; I, and I alone, shall prevail. For there is no force greater than that of a man of ignorance.”


Schizophrenic: one capable of alternating between and or combining cognition and sub-consciousness, involuntarily?


Insecurity is upon me. The center folds and the walls draw in. They collapse and crush me. The ceiling: the final straw. I can’t take it anymore, I feel worse than the cow that ended up in a poorboy sandwich, I am poor in mind as of today. I mean, I got to stay away. There is so much di-mentality. Many issues take away the reality, so…

I smoke a cigarette and hear voices talking to me, gameI ask what they said and this they reply to me, “Stoned. He’s definitely baked. For goodness sake, this man is a threat! I gave them a wide smile they’re sure not to forget.

I finish my cig. and take another puff of the green, Man this shit is mean. It’s crazy. It’s powerful. It’s the best feeling ever. Some people say quit but I always say, “never.” These people: they aren’t so clever. Well, I’m baked now, Imma gets totally stuffed, eat as much as I can. It was great talking to you voices, let’s do it again.


Lookin’ to the moon, on this night of June. I’m feeling gloom. I ponder, am I on the path to doom. I go to my house, sit in my room. I hear a song, playing, in my head. And that’s when it all becomes clear. I’m a loon! I ain’t ashamed and if you think I should be then your to blame. In this world, there is no longer a need for sanity. In this world, all you must do is believe in your fantasy.


My mind wonders. Where does it go? I can not let you know. There is the little truth to my perception that there are too many people here. It creates an interception. They want to steal my thoughts. They want to take my mind. my array of deception is now just a point.

It is sharp and unseen at night.
They wanted to steal my ideas.
They wanted to steal myself.
I wanted to steal.
I wanted to take it all.
I had it all but lost everything. i had nothing but gained it all.


Insomnia is, apparently not as simple to cure as claimed. Taking a pill at night doesn’t necessarily mean magically falling asleep. This thought, “I palindrome,” I have not achieved success yet; in this field of study. It’s quite a manic process.