Eye-umm Rye Ear. Sea?

what is space?
what is time?
What is a plot?
what are numbers, but a series of set symbols?
why are we here?
what is the meaning of life?
what are you doing?
what am I doing right this second?
what am I doing tomorrow?
how will I die?
when will I die?
What is a potato?
What is a Potatoe?
What is it called when you fill a pot with people toes?
I’m trapped on this boat with a deadly pigeon. I don’t know it yet, but I live on the set of a tv show. My name is Joe.
what does the pigeon symbolize?
what is the pigeon deadly?
how didi get on the damn boat?
why am I angry?
why do I question my existence?
Oh my, it appears to be Tiger Lord Lard; a fat that comes from the tiger gods lipo clinic. it has magical powers.
as it turns out, the tv show is produced by people that want to control the tiger lord lard company’s sources so they may control the world with their pounds of fat.
what about the boat though?
Right…the boat. well we could….(your turn…)
mention the deadly pigeon.
how did you know I was going to think that?
He’s wrong. I was going to say…
What’s this now, *This just in… I knew I was going to get it wrong*
seawoman1 to seaman3: I can see your vessel.
seaman3 to seawoman1: yup…

what is pizza all about?
why is all pizza caffeine free?
what about soda soaked pizza?
Would you eat it?
I would cook it first.
Does caffeine break now on a molecular level when baked in the over at 375 degrees?
I bet you bet I’m going to try this.
I bet you bet I bet you bet that I bet you won’t understand this statement.
I bet you bet I bet you are not smarter than me.
I bet you bet I bet you bet you are smarter than me.
I bet you bet this is boring/exciting…depending on if you care.
I am scientifically impractical and improbable. You are too.
say fish stick 10 tens.
now look at the nearest person to you and ask for a stick of butter for your armpits.
so guess that’s probably half the audience gone at this point.
congrats. you have passed my test…
now eat a fart, you hip cool rad-tastic talking telephone pole of a cellular service employee without a

I am swimming in an ocean of memories. Many places on the surface hold vegetation/ I dive down, under the vegetation to find older memories.

I then move back only to find a large vegetation bunch. It must be moving against me. I make note of my surroundings which suddenly lead me to open waters again.
Sometimes I find a piece of driftwood which helps me relax but a tide always comes by and so I lose the flotation device.
Finally, I find myself circling back to the start.

So lost in this place. Am I dreaming? Going to move just a little faster or will I move on to make it like it could be just a little softer in the ears and eyes to drown out this noise out the noise with it to have. That beats me unto a screech to a pulsing pulp pile like twelve grinders grinding gears.

What am I doing on the floor? Understand that my speakers were small. Why would I sit in silence with the pair? How much longer until the brawl. Why you looking, where? I stand way too tall.

Get a job, lazy bum. Work hard for a living. It pays off for more than some. Yet I find myself riveting.

The problem starts with the projection. Am I allowed to ponder?

I drank a heavy energy drink today. My hearts are quick. I can not stay.
My nerves are beating on each other; sweating anxiety.
Will you ever know what it’s like to be me?
Here I am; gone.

I find myself contemplating… I search for depth.
In the mind of an anime artist, do you believe they search for both pieces of paper & ink/paint/exc..(pastels), as well as camera focus to produce a film? Do they speed up the time a few images they are repeating for movement? Do they use cut outs? I believe these all to be true, but who am I but a comic artist (sorta).

Now that I think about it, maybe they use computers to copy images. It’s tricky getting the white box off of the image. I bet there is an app for that. If not, I’ll try to make one, but who knows, I’ve already got a few too many projects I am working on.

Here’s one you maybe enjoy.
I was studying the idea of perpetual motion. As I had believed at this point that it was possible, I thought about transportation and the various methods. I decided that my topic would be rollerblades, as I had used a single pair for six years. I could rollerblade from one town to another. I once carried an air conditioner traveling down a hill at full speed. I’ve rollerbladed over ice patches in the winter and jumped over snow piles to get from one site of town to the other. That’s when I realized. People don’t want to deal with that intensity. They would want shoes. But how can shoes move without you having to walk? Tank treads. The problem is the battery source.

Now I’m no expert in mechanics. All I know how to do with a car is change a tire, check the oil, or fill the gas tank. Mechanics, however, should not be defined by the ability to use simple physical tools, but mental tools as well. The ability to use one’s mind is mechanics. When you move your eyes you direct the path of your brain function. It moves from one area of the brain to the other, often somehow skipping from one area to the next. What is the cause to this?

It would be too complex for me to design a Tank Shoe that could be controlled by eye movement. Maybe a Steven Hawking prodigy could do it. Shades, however, are a whole new topic specifically.

With a program I am working on, and may or may not have already completed in the ways of a formula, which to be honest, is already posted on various facebook and twitter: groups, scientist’s pages, posts, and hashtags. (Just to secure future employment as a scientist…despite my lack of ability to obtain my GED). You must think I’m crazy at this point, but if you know physics: quantum dynamics, newtons laws and governing dynamics, you may understand what I’m getting at when I tell you that ((X^2, X^2+1)^3)) + ((Y^2, Y+1^2)^3)) = Z = XYZ,X^? *? is the variable of which a system of unit counting is applicable* is relative to a clean virtual polymorph solution. Please keep in mind that these letter as representations of my own interpretations of the meaning of each letter based on basic geometry. I never passed geometry in school so I am teaching myself physics with simple questions I have for google.

I wonder now…is it a search for knowledge that has led and is influencing my direction to the vast wasteland of insanity known as the schizo-affective disorder. How dare I associate such a harsh tone with this disorder, but now that I have stated that which you are reading, in this sentence, the rest of the audience will now, with you, realize that we as a union of humans are aware of the stress of this problem. That problem is not only that I write the way I am writing but that I am writing in circles, of which I am currently writing for you to read so you will write something based on my writing and make a website of your own so we can write together. Be creative though. (And don’t give up!)

Stay here, for like, a couple weeks. Right here. I’m front of your computer or phone. Don’t move. Just wait like maybe a month and I will have the first script for a cartoon I might start writing again.

I don’t remember the title off hand but there is a dude with a head on a pizza pan and nobody, and his best friend, a mutant named Norstrum. So don’t move!

 (My kitty in the past) “Franky”