Forth and Fifth Dimensions

Q: What are the fourth and fifth dimensions?

I think the fifth dimension, in this case, would be this particular state of awareness in which you are imagining having a conversation with me, simply because you are viewing it from a screen when really the information is held on your hard drive. You are looking at something that has a no true cognitive function, and yet, it changes like the mind. The fourth dimension, I’m guessing, is the screen itself, as it is not just one set of features that allows you to see it as it functions.

In another example, let’s say you just woke up:

-when you eat, you break down food that has been germinated. This meaning is unclear but the information it provides is like this:
-energy is built up through chemical processes.
-oxygen is absorbed and transformed, but:
-where does that oxygen go?
-Why does it transform?
-Is it that these are simply elements bound by only one law?
-could there be another way to look at it?
-when you use the restroom, your kidneys: do gravity, fibers, and nutrients really do all the work to clean your body?
-what if?
-what if there is life inside your mind, your heart, your lungs, your kidneys, exc..?
-could there be?
-would the weather allow it?
-would the elements allow it?
-should we question the existence of elements, in the way we see them today?
-Sure. I’m just a nut, but what about science?
-What could happen if it turns out that we are beings much greater than entire miniature universes?
-would we have even been greater than them this entire time, in history?
-how could we use this information to benefit ourselves, together, and/or as individuals?
-could we:
-reverse aging?
-cure disease?
-find the answer to:


What I’m trying to ask is, should we be so sure that elements are nothing more than feats with no motive?
-could be not.

-could be.