It’s Almost Rocket Science

X, XY, Y, YX, Z
Z = Destination
X = Starting point
Y= Peak
X= 90 degrees to Y
Y= 90 degrees to Z
X= 180 degrees to Z, unless the surface is not level, however, the projection remains the same so long as the surface does not cause friction with the projectile.
The formula is variant upon the angle of which the projectile is directed.
A = XY
A= forward + up
B= forward + down
X+ A = Y+ B= C
C= velocity+ angle+ direction
XZ=AB in subset.
The wind is not factored in these equations.
Gravity will vary the factor of force X velocity.(XY)
XY is not always equal to YZ in the span of the area of flying over a flat surface. On this planet, it is equal.