Let’s Be Blunt

Nothing is as it claims or appears to be to me you see this is not the true reality of this life. when did you first notice the change I ask myself. maybe it was when I first dreamt of wealth or when I played my first video game with stealth. It’s shitty-oh did I mention the fears, the voices, sometimes cheers? noises in my head that will be there until I’m dead unless I forget about them instead, this is why I so often laying in bed; dreaming of a world without people always scheming.
Weed is like a safety harness to life and right now…you, me, the government, the world…we are on the edge of a cliff. We’re just hanging there.

Bound by only a rope, we may use this forbidden angle of traits in the tradition of passing it over.

To ease the tension but not too to ease it either, we, I, compute. Computations are made here and there and then they are gone and back again and then they go everywhere and then nowhere and then back into the brain and I have lost it, so I shall continue, as is it not the purpose of me sharing my life experiences, and mistakes, to shed light on what it is like to be… to be what? Now that is the true question. I don’t know. How could I? This is what we share. We are both confused about each other. You, “normal,” and me, “myself; alone in truth.”

So what’s my next step?

Do I move on due to the fact that I can’t live in peace here, or do I stay and live in a life of lies in which in everyone believes and encourages me to be whom, that which I claim to be (!); a sober man.

Nope. I’m just a worm.

Maybe one day I will remember the Ambient Reading Method…

(watch. ((Lol compulations)) Now you’ll see that somewhere on google searches…bug off!)

*Compulations: The multitude or sum of thoughts as governed by a universe.*

*Compute: To calculate through mental device*