Mixed Ideas between Biology and Physics

Please keep in mind that the following report is a social experiment to determine whether or not my ideas on this page’s topics are worth bumping up my list of long term ongoing projects; experiments, like this one.

^Above is what I will refer to as a “Tight spot.” The points being a variable in which multiple forces meet.^

Anti-radiation allows a burst or the surrounding of heat, which with the right materials will allow hydrogen to pass through a structure built with hydrophobic materials, such as plastic.

Radiation is something that expands, causing heat “waves” which act like DNA in which they rely on a series of tight spots, or even possibly vacuums, and loose spots (“space”) to hold a bond together that grows and expands. The latter quality is unlike DNA. DNA unravels over time and then falls apart. Radiation “”fades” away””

But where does radiation go? It turns to carbon. Carbon is harmful to the body at a certain and sensitive degree. It is both vital and harmful.

Carbon is what determines the life and death of everyone, is the simplest answer I can give myself to the question of what key idea or matter is next on our journey to understand the sum of life in a new equation.

Equations, too me, are simply the right mix. Seeing and applying, even reapplying, the right variables, at the right time, and applying the right variables to the right time at your own will.

You are not someone else. What you see of someone is something that becomes a part of you. However, communication is key to life, in this equation.

If you flip a light switch, and if the light switch is wired properly, and there is a working light bulb properly attached to the fixture, you expect the light to turn on. This is because carbon is reliable, but what if we didn’t have carbon.

I can’t even begin to imagine what life would be like in that scenario, but what if there was too much carbon?

If string theory is real:
S=(D+T)+(((D^2-D^1)-[((T2)-(T1))) or (T2+T2-T1) or (T2-vision)


T=Time or Time relay

S = Sight

If string theory is real: Sight is a solid, and a chemical or form of light radiation, or both, depending on the reference of transformation in bonding agents.

To calculate the force of an electron calculate the distance between the rotations of one element’s atoms’ sphere to the other element’s atoms and make notations of their rate of declimence (in space) or their rate of transformation between one group of elements to another. This is called nuclear physics.