My Med.s

The idea is that scientists will develop pills that will retain the potency of a dose while bringing down the percentage rate of a number of pills to the ratio of an overdose.
It has come to my attention that some people believe drug addicts deserve to die, simply for choosing a life of drug use.
It does create a huge strain of stress on themselves and others, but this stress roots from care.
We say things we do not mean, and mean things we do not say, as humans.
We do things we do not mean, and mean things we may choose to do, as humans.
How can someone judge a man by his level of pain in a negative aspect? Do you not want this person, this human living being, to feel better?
Drugs hurt so many people and the people that do them do them not because they want to hurt themselves but because they have found a way of life that they want to live at that moment.
They do need people to tell them what to do, but do you not realize that we all do? What else is love? What else could be the purpose to life, but to live to be happy. This is the mistake of a drug addict. Just like drinking alcohol, all drugs will slowly kill you.
This is not something to slander at someone’s self-worth. It is something to be seen as an alarm. “Life is not enough,” one may say.
Life is more than enough to a drug addict. It is too much for a drug addict. They seek aid in settling easement of their feelings towards their surroundings. They believe there is trouble ahead.
This fear leads to heavy thinking, as does it overpoweringly, to a sober addict, break of deception and a fear of or both deception and guilt or a lot there of.
To know the mind of a drug addict, you must be one, as chemicals are responsible for the things we think about. Chemicals determine our perception and judgment of the world around us.
Some of us fear judgment. Many will not admit it. I don’t.
Some of us that fear judgment that won’t admit it, deny the presence of the lifestyle out of a very real problem that occurs at hand:
A) A drug addict can begin to fall down a path of lies, but still be able to find a way to get high. (The fact is they always will be able to and every second they don’t use, they are practicing self-control.)
B) This individual may admit defeat. They will be shunned for doing something that has pulled them out of a struggle so many times, and slowly lose this feeling, but the great memories of such unique perspectives, at the times of the high, so full of potential and strong change will be lost, (but not forever!)
C) The individual moves to a new location where drug activity is more common and sometimes even socially acceptable. (I’m not just talking about living in a hood. This is worldwide. (PS. To anyone living in the hood. I mean all respect in a neutral manner.))
D) The individual loses all hope of life and begins to act irrationally to a degree of their own standards. THIS IS A MAJOR WARNING SIGN! SEEK HELP, Brothers.
So what do you do when you encounter a drug addict? For one, if you aren’t going to accept them, don’t call them one.
A drug addict will be in a state of mind where every action has a recognizable reaction, from an alternate perspective. This is an advantage in a fight with no limits, but life does have limits, including the limited ability for the body to withstand a lifelong battle against the more harmful of drugs.
If you are a drug addict, I can’t tell you what to do. You know what is best for you in life at this point and that is because you have set a unique life.
But I’m, figuratively, a drug addict. :/ so hear me out on this.
Which is better?:
-You suffer in a bi-polar manner
-You seek a psychologist and a counselor and tell them your problems. As an end result, you are put on medications, that if you research (just google it from a couple ways to word it!), your doctor AND YOU can pretty much experiment with to find what medication or combination of medications will make you healthy again. (I.E. Feel the same way you do on drugs, without being on drugs.)
Hell, I say go to a psychologist. You are already experimenting. Why not do it legally?

PS. These psychologists and councilors are going to expect you to follow your medication directions to the point of a needle. Do not challenge them or they will no longer be able to provide all their resources, to the maximum efficiency.