New Video Game Project. All Welcome! Make a Video Game

So what if you are a super hero that has the ability to morph into a tiger or an eagle. You are part of a civilization that is small but growing. you must go on a quest to collect various items that will better the community. You can mine minerals and eventually set up trails and build vehicles to carry the minerals. T
Then you can make cement buildings and forts. You can also go hunting for wildlife and build traps. Eventually you learn to tame the animals and you can acquire pets as well as cattle.
Then you can build a market and buy and sell homes. Once you buy all the homes you become king.
It features general education in mining operations, the basics to housing economics, a little hunting action for the thrill seekers, and general farming skills.
The backstory is that you are the prince of a king who has decided to give you one final test before he gives you the chance to be a king to land he is willing to sell to you but first you have to prove your worthiness by completing the video game.
Do you like the vibe of this video game? Would you like to take part in creating it for cash? Are you a fan that has input on how you would like to see the game become featured? If you have any questions or would like to contribute to the production of this game, email me at to make a video game.
Please title the subject as : A New Land