The Other You

It looks like that time has come down to it when the depths of any perception of other’s and my own, through my own eyes wherein I begin to subjugate my personality and attempt to redefine the core of my perception.
I do this in an odd fashion of calculating the likeliness of motive of words being thought, by noting them myself when it roots from my mind, and by using various combinations of my senses to judge what has been said so that I may apply psychological and psychosocial identities, that I then play it out in my mind until I find the matching response to as many different points that are personal to the selective size of the audience of my own voice.
I have other voices, that I hear in my mind. They are not yours. They are not entirely mine. I do not control them, therefore, I can not become associated with their interior.
There are positives to this frequent occurrence. I am at a lifelong game of wits against myself. Worm response and command, associated with a learning, growing and self-aware piece of my brain that I do not own.