Things A Bad Guy Would Say

I am the sounds you hear off to a distance late at night.

I am the ghost you see near your bed.

I am the one who slew the nation of Aplocotopia, and…

AND now, I am here to slay you and your friends. Come now. Step closer so I may kill you with dignity.

You will never defeat me!

I am going to cook your heart for my next meal!

You must choose; is it your life or her life?

(your life) Then you shall be the one to die.

(her life) Then you will both die. I do have honor after all.

I’m joking. I’ll kill you both either way of course.

“Something Personal,” I laugh. Ha! HA ha ha HA ha!

So you see now. I must kill you for slowing my operations to take over the world, and her for becoming a witness.

My plans are all superior to your meek ideas…

This could be the best moment of your life. Just accept the pain. It won’t remain much longer.

How did you escape? I knew I should have locked the door.


Stop them!… Stop…them….

OHHHHhhh!!!! The pain! YES!!!



Ok. I’m dead now.




What’s this? No bright lights? Why is this? Creatures a flight. We swarm with and every way. How did I get here? I need to find the exit but which way? They fight, they scream, they cry. The shred, they bite. Mine the dread. I can not see the sun. Is it the day, in a world of no light, or just night. Oh! Well, what a fright, and yet, a magnificent delight being on the side of the table of one of slight plight. I think I can get used to hell. It seems to fit just right…

I have found what does seem to be some sort of beam or light. I can’t recall seeing this in a dream so how can this be something that is currently being seen?

It holds a power. It draws me near. I have found my answers now and here!

It opens a gate. I hold a sense of fear. What is that noise. It’s growing near!

Upon the shadows of the dark, a beast jumps forth and in front of me.

It snarls. It drools. I look for an escape but see only red bloody pools.

I think of a friend; the best one I had before the motions set place that led to this end.

Suddenly… Now there are two of me.

We can take on this battle; you the good and I the forgotten.

Hold it down with your eyes and your heart, and I’ll do the other part.

I create a dark force. It grew in me when I entered this death that leaves my corpse rotten.

Do you have him my other self? Do you understand the power I behold and what in store for us it lies?

I am the one who owns this place now! My power is the new source!

“Powers unfold and do as you are told.” Withering; this beast. “Turn his bones into yeast so that you and I may feast, my other self.”

Stop what you are doing. I am the leader and you, I am pursuing.

so then I stuck a sword through its greasy belly.

I’m hungry now. I think I’ll make a hot dish.